2020 Odd season on Kab & and around us...

Kabetogama is part of me...I absolutely love being here, I love the history, the undeveloped shorelines, the wildlife, the lifestyle, and of course the fishing. With the Canadian Border closed this summer the amount of traffic around the lake seems to have tripled...on one hand I love the added business and boom to the other guides, resorts, and community...but something in me is a bit scared to share Kabetogama with the rest of the world.

A hidden gem, and an often forgotten National Park. We are very lucky to have Voyageurs National Park to preserve the waterways we call home. Kabetogama, Namakan, Crane Lake, Sand Point, and Rainy Lake along with 1200-1400 islands make up the setting for this magical water-based paradise. Boating, fishing, and camping seem to be the focus, but don't forget about hiking, paddling, bird watching or exploring. This season is odd with added tourism, but lack of tours, visitor centers shut down and attractions such as Kettle Falls running at limited capacity.

So please visit, ask questions, explore, catch fish and rest comfortably at a near by resort or campsite. But know that you likely are only scratching the surface of the possibilities in our area, and know that many of us guides or resorts would love to have you but the demand and the availability of fishing trips, boat tours, or lodging has been crazy this summer. I always say that my job as your guide is to teach you about the area...area insights, fun facts, fishing patterns and more. So...if you want to learn more, want to do your trip different next time, or simply want to know what you missed...please contact me. No obligations, just happy to help prepare you for your next Voyageurs Adventure!


Wade Watson

Kab Kid

Voyageurs Adventures

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